ჩვენს შესახებ

ჩვენს შესახებ

All of us know the fact that cost per 1 piece is lower when purchasing 1,000 pieces than cost per 1 piece when purchasing only 10 pieces.
For example, one apartment costs 50k usd, but if you buy a building of 50 apartments in one shut, each apartment may cost you 20k-30k instead of 50k - half price - 100% profit!
You can make essential profit not only on apartments but also on lands. For example, if you purchase 100sqm, you pay $100 per meter, while when purchasing 10,000 sqm you pay $50 per meter or less - again half price and again 100% profit.
This is the way how rich people make money.
They buy big amount of assets and resell them in little amounts or one by one and make a significant profit.

Only rich people become richer very fast as they can afford themselves to buy big assets for cheap prices and after reselling them in parts and make lots of money.
Regular people generally do not have this ability as having around 50k-100k usd is not enough for investing in big profitable projects.

What ROILAND does?
ROILAND combines little investors into one big investor and every one of the investors becomes part of a big investment. ROILAND also invests together with his partners (with you) in all the projects and together with you we are making efficient profits.

Why ROILAND focuses in GEORGIA?
The answer is one word ROI.
You are asking what is ROI?
ROI is a Return On Invest.
It means how many % do I earn on my investment.
If I invested 10 usd and got back 15 usd in 1 year, so my ROI is 50% in one year - in a period of 1 year I earned 50% from size of my investment.

ROI in which product is higher?
A. In a product that costs $10 and its price is raised in $5
B. in a product which costs $100 and its price is also raised in $5?

ROI in A is 50% while ROI in B is only 5%.
So which investment do you prefer?
Of Course you prefer investment A.

So why Georgia?
According to Heritage Foundation ranking Georgia is 16th freest economy in the world.
In Georgia, the cost of real estate development is as low as 200-250 usd per meter, while apartments are sold as high as 750-2,000 usd per meter. In Georgia ROI is higher than 100% per year. There are very few countries like this.
In Georgia when buy big spaces of land, you pay much less per meter than when you buy little spaces.
The earnings for the developers are very high, but to make development you need to invest big funds. In order to build a building, you need to invest in land, need to fund the development process and only after all this you sell appartments and get your profit.
Lots of people do not have these funds, but together with us anyone who has at least 50k usd, can become a partner.
Georgia is located on the famous historical Silk Road. Ease of doing business, low taxes and competitively priced labor force makes Georgia one of the most attractive countries for investment.
Real estate is the fastest-growing sector of Georgian economy which means investing even a small amount of money can reap big awards. Making investments in the very begging will lead shareholders to the highest profit. Our group of managers and other professional collaborators will lead investors to reach the maximum of their potential.

Do we accept averyone to be our partner?
We accept people that have at least 50k usd.

How do you secure your funds?
Your money is always safe. How?
You will be the official partner in the building/developing company, all is 100% transparent.
ROILAND is working with the biggest and safest banks of the world and law firms that guarantee that your money will be used only for the projects that you are part of.
When you are partner in a development company and the development company reachs 100% ROI, when you invested 50k usd, so you double your investment as well.

Join ROILAND today and grow your money as fast as big investors do.


კომპანიის ხედვები

ROILAND is an Israeli company that works in close collaboration with its Georgian branch.
Our analysis division analyzes every project highly professionally.
ROILAND experts evaluate every investment opportunity carefully.
Only after the due diligence process has been completed we start raising capital from investors and moving the project forward.
ROILAND goes ahead with the projects only after passing a highly effective mechanism for identifying high potential real estate investment opportunities.



To allow everybody to invest in real estate and become shareholding partners in the company that generated highest ROI.
We believe that by creating a fair and simple alternative for little investors to become partners in a big real estate company, we give them a genuine possibility to realize their chance to make same profit as if they were big investors.

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ყველას უნდა ჰქონდეს თანხის გამომუშავების თანაბარი შანსი.ჩვენ შესაძლებლობას ვაძლევთ მცირე ინვესტორებს,გამოიმუშაონ ისევე როგორც მსხვილმა ინვესტორებმა.


ყველაზე მაღალი ROI

ჩვენ გამუდმებით ვეძებთ ყველაზე მომგებიან პროექტებს და ვუზიარებთ მათ ჩვენს ყველა თანაინვესტორს-როგორც შენ.



ნებისმიერს უნდა შეეძლოს,მიიღოს სარგებელი მომავალი პროექტებიდან.


უსაფრთხო ინვესტიცია

შენი ინვესტიცია გარანტირებულია უძრავი ქონებით,რომელსაც შენს სახელზე ვარეგისტრირებთ.


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ჩვენი პროფესიონალების გუნდი გთავაზობთ კერძო საკუთრების ინვესტირების საუკეთესო გარიგებებს,მარკეტის მოთხოვნის შესაბამისად


ინვესტორთა ჯგუფების ორგანიზება

როილენდი ახლორციელებს ინვესტიციას თქვენთან,ინვესტორებთან და პარტნიორებთან ერთად


პროექტების განვითარება 

ჩვენ ვახორციელებთ ყველანაირ სამშენებლო სამუშაოებს,ინტერიერისა და ექსტერიერის დიზაინის ჩათვლით და ვამზადებთ პროექტს ექსპლუატაციისთვის


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ჩვენ ვიღებთ პასუხისმგებლობას გავყიდოთ ან გავაქირაოთ ქონება პროექტის დასრულებისთანავე



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