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Our goal is to make the investment process simple, understandable and accessible to a wider audience.
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without large

The purchase of an object requires a large one-time investment, and the selection and management of an object takes a lot of time. In addition, this type of investment requires extensive knowledge in this area, which is possessed by a rather narrow pool of the population.

Foreign experience of collective investments has shown that it is possible to become the owner of commercial real estate without billions of dollars in investments and unnecessary headaches.


Oskar Hartmann
created ROILAND

First object

The first object located on the site - the Pyaterochka supermarket (Lyubertsy, Moscow region) was acquired into collective ownership in early December 2015.

The amount of investments within the framework of the collective purchase ranged from 500 thousand to 20 million rubles. The buyers were, first of all, the owners of large businesses and representatives of the top management of Russian and foreign companies.

In 2015, the founder of the KupiVip shopping club, Oskar Hartmann, created and launched the ROILAND platform

More than 700

An investor only needs to choose an object, determine the number of shares, conclude an agreement and receive monthly payments.

Actively engaged in the search and careful selection of properties with a high-quality pool of tenants and stable long-term profitability. Our platform allows you to collectively invest in high quality real estate, which was previously only available to professional market players. This format makes it possible to divide the cost of the object between the participants. At the same time, the size of investments will range from 300 thousand to several million. The level of security remains high, and we bear the costs associated with the selection and verification of objects.

ROILAND undertakes all work with tenants, utilities and government agencies, which removes from the owner all the risks associated with resolving conflicts within the facility.

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